BASS FROSH is a key part to jumpstart a first year student’s university journey. At BASS FROSH, FROSHees (first year participants) meet 200+ peers and senior student leaders, learn about resources and opportunities available to them and get tips about the university experience.


BASS FROSH will take place at the SFU Burnaby, Surrey, and Downtown campuses. The Banquet and overnight will take place at the chosen hotel.


There will be bag checks before entering the hotel, along with security guards monitoring the hotel halls where the Banquet and overnight will take place. Absolutely no alcohol and/or drugs will be permitted at the event.


We have 7 Organizing Committee members, 2 Senior Advisors, 48 Leaders, and 8 BASS Executives who will be trained to mitigate risks that may occur and handle various situations in a professional and timely manner. We have also identified those who are first-aid and food safe certified.

What expectations have you set for BASS FROSH Leaders?

The Organizing Committee selected Leaders on the basis of past experience with BASS FROSH, engagement with the SFU community, good academic standing, and leadership abilities. Leaders will be trained and understand the importance of their role in welcoming incoming students.

What expectations do you have for FROSHees?

We expect FROSHees to act responsibly, represent themselves and SFU appropriately and respect everyone involved throughout the event. We want FROSHees to come with an open mind about meeting many different types of people and learning about what university has to offer!

What is your policy on alcohol and/or drugs at BASS FROSH?

There is absolutely no tolerance of alcohol and/or drugs at BASS FROSH. The rules will be strictly enforced throughout the days of FROSH.

Who will my child be meeting at BASS FROSH?

FROSHees will be meeting other first year students, senior students, student club representatives and faculty staff.

What should my child wear and bring to the first day?

Students must bring signed waivers in order to participate at BASS FROSH. There will be BASS FROSH Leaders and Organizing Committee members collecting these at a designated booth the week leading up to the event. These forms will be available online after registering for BASS FROSH. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes that they can do physical activity in since BASS FROSH involves active participation. A T-shirt will be provided to them upon arrival.

Who will be overseeing the overnight portion of the event?

The BASS FROSH Organizing Committee, BASS FROSH Leaders, Senior Advisors, BASS Executives and security guards will be overseeing the overnight portion.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this event, unfortunately a refund cannot be processed.

Who can I contact for more information?

All comments or questions can be sent to the BASS FROSH 2016 Organizing Committee at