Why should I go to BASS FROSH?

Not only will you get to experience two of the most fun weekends of your Beedie career but you will form relationships with fellow FROSHees, Leaders, Organizing Committee members, and club representatives. These relationships are invaluable! BASS FROSH will also help you in easing your transition into university and allow you to create a sense of belonging within your new school community.

What’s expected of me as a FROSHee?

Come with an open mind and lots of excitement for what’s ahead. You will meet many different types of people who all have different life experiences than yourself. Also, keep in mind volunteer students have spent months and months planning this event and preparing for it so be respectful of everyone.

I’m not in business but I want to switch into business after, can I still come?

BASS FROSH is only open to current, newly admitted, first year, and incoming business students at the Beedie School of Business.

Can I drink at BASS FROSH?

Aside from the fact that most incoming students are underage, BASS FROSH is a dry event. There will be a no tolerance rule strictly enforced.

What days do I have to be there?

Currently, the dates of BASS FROSH are September 10, 11, 17, and 18th. These times will not conflict with any classes. You will find out more information closer to the days.

Can I switch groups to be with friends?

One of BASS FROSH’s main goals is to introduce you to new people! Once the groups are set, we are unable to change them. Don’t worry though! Your clan and you will all quickly become friends.

What does each day consist of?

This is a surprise! All you need to know is to bring an open mind and a lot of energy!

What should I bring?

Your waivers (which will be emailed to you on a later date), a water bottle, comfortable clothes and A LOT OF ENERGY!

What should I wear to first day?

A T-shirt will be provided to you upon arrival. Bring shoes you are comfortable doing physical activity in.

My parents won’t let me stay overnight, can I still come/leave after banquet?

The Organizing Committee must speak with your parents (we will try to assure them this event is one of the safest you can attend!) and you also must provide documentation. Please let us know of this as soon as possible.

I am unable to make all the days, what should I do?

Please let us know with documentation the reason why and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. All BASS FROSH events are mandatory and refund because of lack of attendance is not possible.

What if I suddenly can’t attend – can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the event, unfortunately a refund cannot be processed.

Where do I learn more about clubs?

Clubs will be represented at BASS FROSH and your Leaders are all well equipped to connect you with club representatives that can definitely answer all of your questions!

How do I stay connected to those I have met?

Exchange phone numbers, add one another on social media platforms, and you can sit together in classes! Chances are, everyone is open to making new friends and staying connected with one another.

Can I add the Leaders (and Organizing Committee) on Facebook?

Definitely once we all get to know one another!

What happens after BASS FROSH?

This is up to you! All of the leaders are available to answer any questions you may have. Also, you can join the BASS Mentorship Program to create another mentor relationship with an experienced Beedie student. For more information, click here.

Where do I make comments or ask questions?

All comments or questions can be sent to bassfrosh@sfu.ca.

How do I become BASS FROSH Leader?

Applications come out in the Spring semester before the event itself! Don’t worry, once applications are out, you will definitely hear about it!