Here at BASS FROSH, we value lasting friendships, engaging experiences, and personal growth. We aim to provide a fun and exciting jumpstart to your university journey.

Our vision statement is what guides the Organizing Committee (OC) and our Leaders in creating an experience that you will not forget.

We’re all about providing opportunities for you to meet as many people as possible – whether it’s other first-years or Leaders who are in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year!



FROSH for business students at SFU began in 2007 and has been running and growing since! Each year presents a different theme and is unique from previous years – BASS FROSH 2013 was themed Cartoon Clash, BASS FROSH 2014 was themed Appy Days, and BASS FROSH 2015 was the Evolution of Music!

For BASS FROSH 2016, we want to make BASS FROSH history by bringing the best theme yet! Get ready for Once Upon a FROSH 2016!


What to Expect

BASS FROSH happens on the first two weekends of classes in September!

Mark your calendars, take off work, and set time aside because the dates are: September 10, 11, 17, and 18!

Our suggestion to you is to make sure you can attend all days of BASS FROSH because it’s going to be ACTION PACKED! You’ll be sure to look forward to a fun-filled sports day, an exciting great race, and a memorable banquet and overnight stay to top it all off. In addition to the actual days of FROSH, we have something we call “Inter-FROSH”, which are the days between the days of FROSH (September 12-16) where we will have some very interesting things happening. Want to know what is happening during Inter-FROSH? The only way is to be a part of BASS FROSH!

BASS FROSH is the perfect segue to a new beginning at SFU because you’ll get to meet great people who you will have class with and not to mention, it’s a great time to ask your Leaders the ins and outs of SFU!

Have questions? Check out our FAQ page!



The Business Administration Student Society (BASS) represents the 3500 students at the Beedie School of Business, and exists to connect, inspire, and empower them through various events and programs. Uniting the Beedie Community, BASS FROSH focuses on our first-year students – our future leaders, to ensure they begin their university journey confidently through forging life-long relationships with peers, making memories, and discovering the countless opportunities at Beedie.
Pronounced: BASS /ˈbæs/